Terminally Brave

by Ian Gordon



Introduction to "Terminally Brave" -

The world is at war.

People live in fear, afraid of shadowy government organisations and their insidious agendas. As the cost of living soars, rebel factions arise, eager to regain control of the broken society.

Little do they know, an agenda of epic proportions is about to be unveiled...


released October 17, 2011

Written, recorded & produced by Ian Gordon

Ian Gordon – Vocals/Instrumentation
Ibanez/Jackson guitars, Cubase 5 and a bunch of VST instruments

Sound Effects provided by users at Freesound.org

plagasul's 'ambience' effect -
inchadney's 'rain' effect -
Erdie's 'thunderstorm' effect -



all rights reserved


Ian Gordon Manchester, UK

The works of Ian Gordon: musician, writer and amateur filmmaker.

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Track Name: Friction
- The depths of space -

A crowd of awe-struck townsfolk stare
Toward the glowing star
The light ignites the sky

Shelter sought in every single place
As the sky turns crimson red
A shape consumes the night

Eyes in the desert
Are littered about
Furtively glancing in fear and in doubt

The object it hovers
In silence until
A light it emerges, a figure within

Come to me my people
Come listen to my words
We've come to change your future
We've come to change your world

Every single person
Must listen to these words
Just trust in us your saviours
We've come to change your world

Children are smiling

Townsfolk -
Our gods have returned
To save us from famine
To arm us with hope

Come to me my people
Come listen to my words
We've come to change your future
We've come to change your world

Every single person
Must listen to these words
Just trust in us your saviours
We've come to change your world
Track Name: Serenity Distorted
Trigger-happy twisted people
Modern man lacks empathy

Pointless violence
Mass destruction
Victims shown no sympathy

Rebel Leader
Pick me up, and knock me down
I’ll get back up, and knock you out!
Talk is cheap, so listen now
Feed us lies - in lies you drown!

Men in Sharp Suits
We see you
We know you
We own you

We’ve got you
So fear us
Track Name: Genotypes
15 miles away
From the heart of all corruption
A group of intellectual thinkers sit in wait

They call their leader ‘Starr’
He’s a man unlike all others
He’s a law unto himself
He’s not afraid

And when he stands
They stand with him
The dark will call but he’ll resist

And where he walks
They’ll follow close
He’ll brave the danger

15 miles away
There’s talk of men who aren’t quite human
Bred to be and think essentially as we

And when they rise
No one will see
They’ll look the same as you and me

God only knows
What they will do
Expose them now, that’s what we’ll do
Track Name: Capitalist Pigs
Men of Great Power
It’s something of a pantomime
Our puppets must be made to dance
The rebels may be on to them
Something must be done at once

Meet them in the dead of night
In the church out on the windy plain
Inform them of the second phase
Initiate the second wave

Secrets locked up
Answers hidden

Hybrid II
Seek out and kill
Those unlike me

Men of Great Power
There’s something in the air tonight
An odour foul as thick as truth
Our puppets must be made to force
Remaining people underground

Out of sight and out of mind
Daylight will remain our own
What happened to the greater god?
Now we will be the ones to judge

Secrets locked up
Answers hidden
Track Name: Beneath The Surface
- The caves -

Caves are lit with burning candles
Where open spaces host the stalls
The people here beneath the surface
Are starting over once again

Children cling to their possessions
Writers scribe upon the walls
The men and women here surviving
The life they knew it carries on

Yes, yes life is possible
Yes, yes life is possible
No, they will not keep us down
No, they will not keep us down

- Men in Sharp Suits arrive -

Sounds shake the tunnels
Strangers arriving

Men in Sharp Suits
Now – you pay attention or you die
You cannot stop us

Strangers take children
Strangers leaving

Men in Sharp Suits
Now – this is the price you have to pay
You cannot stop us

- Men in Sharp Suits leave -
Track Name: Dark Secrets
Long ago, when the world had just begun
An ancient people came to us
Claimed to be, part of our history
They promised change, they promised good

Then, they took control of us
Those ancient people led us on
We turned against, our fellow countrymen
They stole our lives
They stole our hope

Now, it’s time to turn it round
We must revolt we must escape the underground
No longer will we stay here

Now, it’s time to turn it round
We’ll learn to fight
We’ll take the bastards by surprise
We’ll start today

The work begins at once
The men recall their strengths
They’ll learn to fight for love
They’ll fight until the end

- Ascent -

Light shines down on the army small
Light shines down as they rise at dawn
But strange this world, there’s nobody here
Empty place, only the sound of rain
Track Name: Guilt
This guilt of mine
It weighs me down
So let me tell you straight

Your boys and girls
Were taken far from here
A place, beside the sea

Then there we’re heading
Across the dusty plains
We’ll find the children
And bring them home again
Bring them home again

There’s something else
You need to know
This world is near its end

Old rulers said
The end of days
Will take us by surprise

It’s just a rumour
A vicious fairy tale
The non-believers
We’ll fight against the lie
Fight against the lie
Track Name: Creeping Fear
Silent landscapes
Greet them every day
Rolling hills forever distant

But still they journey
Onward they must go
Retribution they are seeking

Many travellers
Traffic overload
On the empty roads
In the morning sun

Distant cityscapes
Distant memories
Nobel passengers
On the train of life

Still alive
Still aware of the Sun
Still aware of the world
Still aware of the truth
The truth

- The approach -

Men in Sharp Suits
There I see an army
There, they’re closing in
Raise, raise our defences
Never let them in

Stick together
Enter South
Show no mercy
Fear or doubt

Men in Sharp Suits
There, they are approaching
There, they’re closing in
Now, we must assemble
Never let them in

In we’re closing
Soon we’ll strike
Here together
We must break them down

- The battle -
Track Name: Black Despondency
Men are captured
Women butchered
Few survivors
Hell unleashed

Railway tunnels
Dungeons calling
Deepest darkness
Trapped once more

Deep in the dark
Where hope it is lost
They’re counting the cost
Lives gone

Remember today
Remember it well
The day we fell

Cry away
Cry away
Don’t give up
We have to rise again

Out of the sky
A light in the night
The shape is descending

The rebels below
The people aware
The shape explodes

Right away
Right away
Something’s wrong
We have to know
We have to leave
We have to rise again

- Flattened city -
Track Name: Mothersphere
High, high in the sky
Black clouds, they slowly dissipate
Light rays, from the Sun
Cascade, restoring long lost faith

From under rock and stone
The children rise
Their faces black
Here in the glowing light
Time to reunite
And leave it all behind

They’ll walk a thousand miles
A thousand more
To find a place
To build a home
They'll start again
They’ll leave it all behind

A shape appears above, descending slowly. Clouds once again fill the sky, responding to their presence. The shape is a giant ship, encroaching upon the devastated city. Two strangers beam to the surface, armed with unfathomable weapons...

- Ship in the sky –

Ship up high
Falling down
Dark returns
Nightmares call

Listen to me people
Gather all your strength
Time to fight for freedom
Until the bitter end

End is now
End is now

Light transports
Strangers down
Standing tall
Weapons out

Listen to me people
The tunnels underground
There within the darkness
We’ll give the run around

Seek them out
Seek them out

- Back in the tunnels –

Strangers follow cautiously
Too dark to run, too dark to see
Shadows disguising
Shadows distorting

A maze of tube-ways interlinked
A game of deadly hide and seek

Stay undercover
Stay out of danger
Wait here for me

Come to me you bastards
Come show me what you’re made of

Just listen to that creature
Cunning in his madness

Come to me you bastards
You’ll never leave this dungeon

Just try to find those children
Ignore the call of humans

Deep within
Strangers lost

Starr retreats and turns to leave
Strangers tricked by voices echoing

Quick to the surface
We’ll head for the forest
There’s no time to waste

Women and children under blackened skies
Heading for towering trees on distant plains
Strangers are calling
From the dark of the dungeons
Lost deep inside

City fading
Future changing
Forest haven
Tasting freedom

Shakes her head

- End of days –

Planet shaking
Violent motion
Surface tension
Bleeding oceans

End is now
End is now

They stare toward the dying sky
They stare beyond
They pray to god they ask him why
But god is gone
The world they knew it slips away
It fades to grey
They hold their nerve until the end
Terminally brave
Track Name: Terminally Brave
- Instrumental -