The Box (Remastered)

by Ian Gordon



*** Remastered Edition, 2012 ***

The original version of the album has now been replaced with this new and improved Remastered Edition. Improvements have been made to the overall sound of the album with particular attention given to the drums. Enjoy!

Introduction to "The Box" -

Jason is troubled. Plagued by guilt owing to the death of his father, he's become a loner; wiling away his evenings in front of a television in a cramped bedsit.

His life is about to change forever.

Inexplicably transported to an eerie world of towering cities and sprawling plains, Jason struggles as he is forced to face his demons. Reminders of his childhood are frequent, and a mysterious figure in black observes his every step.

Encouraged to seek out the memories of his past, can Jason piece together the puzzle?

Only the enigmatic Box can provide him with the answers he so desperately seeks...

Biography -

I grew up in a small town in Northern England. There I discovered the very things that would inspire me to compose "The Box", from the eerie woods and stories of ‘lost souls’, to the house I grew up in and the clutter that gave it character.

My first musical influences were those who weren't afraid to tell stories; Genesis, Rush and Iron Maiden amongst others. The progressive influence introduced me to the idea of experimentation, and much of the material that makes up "The Box" is a result of that experimentation.

Conceptually, the idea of one becoming ‘lost’ in some distant land was the catalyst for the story; in which a process of rediscovery would have to be undertaken in order for one to remember who they truly were. Being a fan of the surreal and the macabre, this concept evolved into something much more elaborate.

Conceived in the winter of 1999, a full 10 years passed before “The Box” was finally recorded. It has been a labour of love, and I'm proud to share it with the world at last.

Further Information -

For those purchasing the album here on Bandcamp, you will receive a free copy of the eBook, "The Box" in .PDF format.

Thanks for listening.


released July 5, 2011

Written, recorded & produced by Ian Gordon



all rights reserved


Ian Gordon Manchester, UK

The works of Ian Gordon: musician, writer and amateur filmmaker.

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Track Name: Opening
"Jason sits before a flickering television in a shady bedsit. A loner, he has all but given up on life. Unbeknownst to him, his fragile grip on reality is about to slip."

- Philosophical debate -

Chat Show Host's like the world you used to know
When mother earth she opened your eyes
Some things have changed and some things remain the same

But all too soon we lose those eyes
The warmth of ignorance no longer clouds our minds
The veil of truth begins to descend
Over those eyes

The man in the chair he is closing his eyes
Thinking about the youth he left behind
It's funny how things change and some things remain the same

Chat Show Host
And all too often our children die
We lose that infant feeling
We never say goodbye

The veil of truth is about to descend
Over his eyes

- Blackout -
Track Name: Transcendence
"Jason finds himself in total darkness. As bizarre imagery manifests itself on an inexplicable screen, an indistinct voice prepares him for a journey of sorts."

Jason he currently isn't here
Forced to face his silent fears
The man has lost his refuge and his sentiment

His scatty bedsit gone
The life he lived undone
Onto worlds unknown he's on his own

Time to be moving on
The demon has called its victim
Remember the ones you love
Your journey has just begun

Shaking his head in dismay
Ghosts from the past they surround him today
And many painful memories still remain

Time to be moving on
The demon has called its victim
Remember the ones you love
Your journey has just begun
Track Name: Streets Of New Babylon
- Waking -

"Once again Jason's surroundings are stripped away, revealing a vast street littered with cars and inanimate bodies."

The streets of New Babylon
Where towering ancient buildings dominate all
A silence worthy of kings' company
Here awakens a nervous Jason all alone

There are hundreds of people
Each caressing the road
Surrounding him a world so incredibly sublime
As his focus shifts to darkening skies

- Theme of New Babylon -

A simple explanation would be welcomed here
But the man within the picture is ignored
Lifeless and deserted are the city streets
The people on the ground are dead

Monday it had always been an ignorant day
Jason used to wish himself away
His wish came true?

Climbing to his feet he's eager to explore
The people of the city unaware
Confusing is the place he's come to occupy
And sinister its content seems to be

Seven towering buildings touch the motionless cloud
As the road it twists and turns and stretches out
Into what?

Motorcars; twisted limbs; fast food stands; broken bones
Everything here is so empty of life and the plot it has yet to unfold

The city lacking conscience maybe lacked too much
The fate it had invited was despair

Where am I?

Market halls; shopping malls; record stores; and so much more
Everything here is so empty of life and the plot it has yet to unfold

- The Book Store -

Approaching a book store he sees something strange in the window
Standing behind it a mannequin clutches old paper
Inward he dashes and quickly unfurls it, he's shaking

"For Jason... not to be opened until Christmas!"

His father passed away so long ago
The gift it spoke of never made it home
(made it home)

Jason (vocal panned to the right)
I didn't want you to go
And I would do just anything to see your face
No, I didn't want to let go
Yes I would do just anything to see your face

Elegantly poisoned, yes his father slipped away
What better way to hurt someone, to tear someone apart?
A letter, a simple letter, the only thing he left behind
A note to make the angels weep and the devils cry

His mother never really let him go
The letter fuelled her anguish furthermore

No, I didn't want you to go
And I would do just anything to see your face
No, I didn't want to let go
Yes I would do just anything for you

- Funeral march -

"Jason recalls a ditty his father used to sing."

A Sailor's Song
One went to and two went fro
Toward the sea that they'll soon know
To seek the truth in stormy skies
To say goodbye to their old lives
Track Name: Eastern Lights
"Entering a large square, Jason is met by strange objects and eccentric townsfolk. A large gargoyle above the square announces an 'end of times' before initiating a celebration on the square."

Hazy lights are shining
As a square before him opens
Emptiness it leaves him
And faces they surround him
Memories of the circus
Candy floss and cider
A statue stands before them
Welcoming and golden

Gargoyle Statue
Dance, dance your lives away
For this is the end
Time to leave today
So drink, drink till you sway
The last time's today

Silently he's poised now
Marching men they enter
Clowns equipped with laughter
Surround him with their nonsense

Gargoyle Statue
Dance, dance your lives away
For this is the end
Time to leave today
So drink, drink till you sway
The last time's today

- A clown encounter -

"Several menacing looking clowns surround Jason and address him directly."

Blue-faced Clown
We have been waiting to spring this upon you
Masking your fear was the start
So much of your person is lost in your wisdom
You must learn to open your heart

All you will see is inevitably
Drawn from a picture inside
An outer portrayal of your future resides
In this madness to which you're confined

- Clown dance -

Jason rooted to the spot
The circus is on the move
A drop of rain descends from the sky
The lights are lacklustre and dim
The people are missing
The square is devoid
As the statue points
Into darkness
Track Name: The Theatre
- A greeting -

"Beyond the gargoyle statue, Jason happens upon a giant theatre. Observing seven paintings in the foyer, a short fellow in a black tuxedo greets him."

The Greeter
Welcome to The Theatre. Today's exhibition, "Manifestation". Before viewing the main exhibition, please take a moment to appreciate the seven paintings before you in the foyer...

The greeter dissolves and he stands alone
Eyes on the seven paintings
Each host to a meadow in the Sun
Familiar greens and birds in the sky

The Greeter
Go on into The Theatre
Go on into The Theatre
Walk on into The Theatre
Feel it within The Theatre

Searching for the truth
But evading him is truth

A bathroom door reads
'Enter here, see the painting Manifestation'
(my bathroom door?)
Nervously cautious he approaches the frame
He's eager to look within

The Greeter
Go on into The Theatre
Go on into The Theatre
Walk on into The Theatre
Feel it within The Theatre

Searching for the truth
But evading him is truth

Stepping inside, the hall is beautifully wide
And the elegant gods are towering
The grandeur within reaches inside
And rattles his beating heart

I'm sure that I arrived on my own
But now I sense that I'm no longer alone
A presence so unnerving is here
Its eyes are on my back now I fear

It's behind me...

- First encounter -

"Jason senses a presence in the rear gods above him. A shrouded figure stands there, looking down toward the stage."

Turning his head now he looks to the rafters
A figure is standing above in the gods
There a black overcoat masks his reticent shape
And a dark trilby hat cloaks his eyes and his face

Hidden eyesight, stares through Jason
Down toward the painting stage bound
Beckoning him

Down the aisle he quickly strolls
Unaware of what awaits
The painting sits upon the stage
It lives to entertain
Climbing up onto the stage to look it in the eye
A thousand questions cross his mind without the reasons why

The painting it reveals a landscape
The same he'd seen before
But then the colours start to fade and a cityscape is born
A hidden picture comes to life before his very eyes
Before the colours fade again

- Leaving -

I feel bizarre
I feel unearthly
I've witnessed things I didn't believe in before

Bewildered and bemused
He leaves The Theatre now
And wanders through a harbour to a waterside
Six boats await him there
Track Name: Cascade Scenario
"The harbour beyond The Theatre is small and quiet. As Jason approaches the waterside, a wall of mist manifests to his rear. It is to follow him for some time."

A seventh boat just the left the waterside
And Jason is contemplating sailing
The sea is still and mist it creeps behind
The seventh has travelled far into the fog
Soon enough he boards the farthest boat
His revelation on the ocean?
What could be waiting in depths of night?
He steers into darkness on the crest of a wave

Water is still
Calm as he sails
Fog damply clings
To everything

The silence of the ocean
Offers time to think
Reflecting on the hours before
His life it seems is at stake

Slowly the waves they start to rise in height
The fog in its thickness tries its best to disguise
The changes occurring under mighty seas
The ocean is tilting, it is no longer flat

Shifting angles
Flowing water
The sea behind him
It's slowly inclining
Encroaching upon him
The boat is sliding
Out of control
Into the deep dark depths

The ship is sliding faster and faster like a sledge down a muddy hill
What a time to recall his childhood, comparing fear to a quick cheap thrill
The vertical limit is so close, where the slide it turns to a fall
And the memories of a thousand years come knocking, knocking at your door

- A Thousand Years -

"Jason recalls forgotten memories. As a result he begins to understand cause and effect, and how pessimism is often just optimism in disguise."

Regressed beyond his life unto a life he lived before
Upon a watery ocean floating far away from shore
The raft is sticks and stones
Embedded, a bathroom door
(my bathroom door?)

Maybe if I turn the handle I will meet my maker

Opening the door he stares into what seems to be
A window in the doorway and a sky it lies beneath

In I climb to see

- Between realities -

"Reality is in the eye on the beholder."

A mirror image of the ocean
I was sailing on this morning
This relates to something I am meant to understand

I believe that this is meant to help me on my way
The coin I flip will always land heads up for me today

A mirror image of the ocean
I was sailing on this morning
This relates to something I am meant to understand

Soon the sky above it falls
He's quickly whisked away
Returning to the silent waters
Bobbing in the waves

- Docked -

Strangely the boat rocks comfortably
The seventh boat docked up ahead
Its passenger has gone
Jason turns his head to see
A vertical wall of water
As tall as the eye can see
Track Name: Solutions
Somewhere it is written
That only a fool
Would try to explore a world beyond reality
A fool would be wise
To miss its highs

- Gestures -

"Jason hikes into dense woodland. Before long he encounters a band of dwarves, the head of which, Brian, is eager to converse with him."

Leaving the dock
Only woodland can be seen
A winding pathway from the dock into the trees it leads
A fool would be wise
To step inside

And seconds before, Jason saw someone
Who quickly crept into the trees and was gone
Now he is to assume that he must follow
Into those woods

The night has fallen on the withered trees
The moon is shining through the space between
A presence warming is apparent here
All is silent there's no need to fear

Darkness gathers
Light unseen
Distant figures
Shapeless trees

A flame it flickers in the distant breeze
A figure wanders through the glare unseen
A man of wisdom pursuing Jason takes him by the hand
Off the beaten track he is to lead

Come with me
You'll want to see
All the things we need to show you
You need to understand
Come with me and join my people
Sit beside the fire

Jason follows guided wisdom
Seeking answers

Questions lie unanswered in this place

The trees give way to what appears to be
A clearing host to figures, smoke and steam
A wiser looking dwarf approaches, Brian is his name

Finally it seems you have arrived

Fearful is this place you've found
But soon you'll see you're homeward bound

Listen here
I need to tell you
A man he came before
Here to seek something uncertain
A shadow cloaks his face

Leave this clearing
The house of solutions is near

He's selling all the things in the world
Solutions to your problems are there

The trees before him lead onto a trail
A quiet town is waiting up ahead

- Visiting Worcac -

"Jason follows the trail into Worcac, a small 'western' town. The 'fronts' of the houses are façades, propped up against wooden beams. The ambiguous nature of the town is discouraging, and it fills him with unease. Before long he encounters the 'House of Solutions', where he meets the life-form, Germeny, who says Jason must leave everything to fate."

Brushing leaves aside now Jason strolls into the light
The dusty streets are artificial, truth within it hides
Between the fakes a wooden building, host to jaundice haze
The door before him swinging lightly, empty is this place

The light within it shines from eyes so bright and fiercely strange
The man he speaks of things long gone from another time and place

Signs of home you are to seek don't stray from what you know
Leave the rest to fate until your sense of wisdom grows

His eyes they close and darkness it befriends him once again
Jason turns to leave, his words they echo in his head
Signs of home await him in this enigmatic place

Why must I leave everything to fate?
Track Name: 57
"Worcac has transformed into an endless, familiar street. Trusting in fate, he begins to explore it."

Jason leaves the wooden shack
And steps onto the road
The western town has rearranged its features
It has changed

A seamless, endless street of houses
Terraced buildings, all so similar

He walks along
As the houses change, their faces clearer
He walks along
And they resemble something so familiar

Passing chimneys in the dark
As the windows propagate
And as the morphing slowly terminates
There stands an ageing, darkened home

He can't believe it
As the street it turns into a cul-de-sac and he sees
The house that he grew up in long ago

- The change -

"Jason's world is reduced to a small terraced house and a cobbled yard. The wall of mist now completely surrounds both himself and the house, illuminated by a single street lamp."

Young Jason
I can hear my mother's music box
It's coming from her bedroom window
Mother, are you there?

He wanders through the yard
And opens up the door
The fragrance is so strange
The same as it had always been
The way his mother had kept it clean

He starts to climb the stairs
He's eager to revisit his bedroom
And after such a tiring day
He couldn't think of a better place to stay
A better place to be

Nothing could've of prepared me for this feeling
To be home again after all these years
And I can't believe who's lying on my bed
Brian the Bear, who once was my best friend

He climbs into his bed
Exhausted and confused
He wants to sleep instead
Of living out this fantasy
In this world that's not his own
Brian is close at hand
The comfort of his childhood pleases
He always loved his bed

I just wish mum and dad were here

On the verge of sleeping
Pillow under his head
Maybe he'll awaken somewhere else

- Sleep -

Silent Verse
Time for sleep dear friend of mine
I'll see you in the morning
Your silent deeds don't go un-noticed
I'll forfeit their worth
For now I'll dream a little dream
...until the morning

Somewhere it is written
That only a fool
Would try to sleep his madness off in a world of dreams
But who's really right?
And who is wrong?
Track Name: Intermission In Dreams
"Jason's dreams are saturated with powerful, biblical imagery. Once again, ambiguity takes precedent."

Jason he currently isn't here
Forced to face his silent fears
The man has found his refuge and his sentiment
A dream of fire in the sky
A tower that rises deathly high
A dream to bring the weakest to their knees
A tiny box in flames, atop a cloudless sky it claims
Nervous and corrupted human minds

Time to be moving on
The demon has found its victim
Remember the ones you love
Your journey has just begun
Track Name: The Child
"Waking from an undetermined period of sleep, Jason finds himself face to face with a younger version of himself. His younger self has grown fearful of a shadowy figure occupying the depths of a painting hanging in the library."

His dreams they were eventful
But didn't seem to offer much
Awakening to the sound of a young boy
Tapping him on the shoulder

You are me... Are you me?

Young Jason
Yes I am, I am you

In the library many years ago
A painting hung above the fireplace
His father would make the world look bigger
In the landscapes he would paint

Young Jason
And now it's changed above the fireplace
It's come alive and you must see
Within the trees there stands a man
In darkness he's concealed

He climbed into the frame and became a part of the scenery
Now he waits and watches me
You really have to see

And he remembers how his father painted the picture long ago
And the man in the frame had he always been there?
Standing on his own

Wish me luck I shall try to climb inside
In the heart of this picture I'll reside

"Jason climbs into the open painting."

- Passages -
Track Name: Framed
"Landing unscathed upon a green plateau, Jason heads toward a distant spire. Happening upon the village of Tenitor, he once again encounters the band of dwarves. This time however, Brian's intentions are clearer."

The sky is tearing as he falls within
Beneath the canvas of reality
The grass is soft and dew drops moisturise
The blades as sharp as knives upon the plain

He sees a golden spire ahead of him
It's in the distance glowing in the Sun

Onward he goes
In search of the shrouded man

Jason meets an empty town
A place beneath the golden spire
Surrounding him are wooden huts
The faces in the windows bare

Village of Tenitor
Welcome to another world
Here we are again
Face to face with something we just cannot understand
Welcome to the other world
Here we are again
Face to face with dangers we just cannot comprehend

- The spire of the golden church -

Jason walks into the church alone
He's reunited with his Dwarven friend
Brian shakes his hand and sits him down

We've got some work to do so listen now...

You must traverse the plains of Tenitor
To reach the Citadel beyond the dust

Onward you go
In search of the golden crown

Jason is to leave the town
To plunder depths of dust unknown

Within the crown
A precious stone
Will help assist your journey home

Village of Tenitor
Welcome to another world
Here we are again
Face to face with something we just cannot understand
Welcome to the other world
Here we are again
Face to face with dangers we just cannot comprehend

But beware of the Beings in the streets in the dark
They will tempt you...

- The Eternal City -

"Once again accompanied by the wall of mist, Jason pursues the golden crown in the Eternal City."

The atmosphere is thick with presence
Yet the city streets are still
Scattered corpses litter every road
As does their smell
The darkness has descended
As he glares into the distance
He sees the towers, the silent towers
And the Citadel as lonely as the rest
Of this old city
It's oh so dead
Track Name: Aftermath
"A brief encounter with a lumpy and indistinguishable figure provides Jason with much needed impetus. He soon finds himself standing before the doors of the Citadel."

The streets are growing darker
As a voice is faintly heard
The scent of something lurking
Brings Jason to a halt
The need to step into the darkness
It is growing, it's overwhelming
As he tries to keep to the light
He submits to fright

A limb so much darker than darkness
Emerges from the shadows
It attempts to pull him inside
But he escapes
Ignorant of the dangers
He turns and starts to run
Heading toward the glow of the Citadel
Mist it follows...

- The Citadel -

"The Citadel is dark and unwelcoming, but onward he strides. Climbing high into darkness, voices and shapes from his past taunt him in an attempt to bring him down."

The doors unfurl to candles bright
Where shapes unfold beyond the light
The hall it leads to something strange
A wall of vines, a chore to face

He grips his torch and lights it bright
The shapes surrounding try to hide
As slowly his ascent begins
The dark around him closing in

The roots above are tough to climb
As Jason grips the torch
From every angle things are moving in...

The Shapeless Limbs of the Beings
Remember me?
You bastard!

"Escaping history, he finds himself in the throne room, face to face with the Eternal City's last king."

Escaping the limbs of uncertainty
Jason emerges intact
A hall before him leads unto a throne
A figure draped in gold
Crown upon his head
The king bestows his reverence
Long time dead

Lifting the crown, an object it meets his eye
A simple box captivates, fills him full of desire

- The Box? -

"The indistinct box hypnotises Jason for several moments, before the presence of a lurking figure steals his attention. He pursues the shrouded man at speed before leaping blindly into darkness. Letting out a devilish scream, the wall of mist moves in swiftly to consume him."

A figure behind him steals his thought
The box it fades - he turns to run
The figure it leaps deep into dark
Beyond the hall and vines below

The time has come to run
As the walls begin to collapse
Into the void he flies
And into mist he disappears

The mist consumes
A saving grace
His wounds are gone
His life is saved
Returned to where the dwarfs they sleep
He's safe and sound
He's fast asleep

- Safety -

"Opening his eyes, he is pleasantly surprised to find himself back in the village of Tenitor. Pleased with Jason's success, Brian discusses the shrouded man further."

Brian is eager to see
If Jason reclaimed the crown
He talks of his dangerous journey
And his exit so profound

The shrouded man came for the Box
But his search will go on for a while
For his prize it is yet to be found
And that prize, well it is you...
Track Name: Return To The Theatre
- Escape -

"In order to leave Tenitor, Jason must pursue an 'exit window'. Heading back out onto the plateau, he spots the shrouded man in the distance. As he attempts to catch him up, the world surrounding him closes in."

Returning to fields in the Sun
A figure is seen up ahead
He starts to run, begins to scream and shout
But no closer Jason gets

The world around him starts to lose its form it's closing in
A central point beyond begins to grow from out of nothing
The shrouded man is far beyond the singularity
The sky it is descending and it's pressing down on him

Still I must run
I must catch him
I must find him
I must... run

A door is open in the air
The focus of the energy
It's strong enough to tear apart
The fabric of reality

I must jump now
I must jump through
Everything is falling

- The Theatre -

Jason returns to the stage of The Theatre
The hall it is host to a crowd so delighted
Applauding his efforts they honour his entry
While whistling and cheering the band starts to play...

- The Inhabitant -
Track Name: Dunes Of New Babylon
"Disturbed by the audience's bizarre behaviour, Jason exits The Theatre. A vast desert has replaced what was there before, and he is met by an immense tower. So immense in fact that the top disappears into thick cloud. Knowing the tower is his ultimate destination, he heads out across the desert."

Quickly leaving, exit leading
Sandy plains await
The desert Sun above the dune
It burns the empty space

A tower climbs above the clouds
And fades into the sky
Shady land it beckons Jason
Shelter from the light

Burning, I'm burning, I'm melting, I'm frenzied
I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming, I'm drifting, daydreaming

Closing in the shadow beckons
Soon he'll be within
A creature ailing, slowly dying
Lies upon the sand

The tower looms the creature dies
With earth it reunites
Jason falls upon the sand
His eyes upon the skies

Waiting, I'm waiting, I'm patient, enduring
My future, uncertain, I'm waiting, surviving

The entrance opens
Darkness follows
Time to enter depths uncharted
Track Name: The Tower
- The entrance hall -

"The grand tower opens up into total darkness. Following the glare of candles, Jason discovers a spiral staircase. The only way is up."

The tower's lonesome entrance hall is dark and grim
Battered clean with sand and wind, untouched by rain
Scattered light illuminates soft etching underfoot
Below a scarab beetle traces human curves
And all is quiet within...

Seven burning candles lie before a spiral stair
Intently still they flicker casting light up there
Foreboding is the staircase rising high into the dusk
And the time has come to climb it, he knows he must
And all is quiet within...

Upon the steps he stares above

Does it ever end?

The stairs pervade the height of the tower
Up above he must ascend...

- Climbing -

Time passes slowly as each tick follows tock
Round and round in circles goes the clock
The candles are ascending with him fixed and aflame
Illuminating rusty iron rails

A tired, disillusioned Jason registers sound
Footstep follows footstep up above
With every step he takes it echoes endlessly
The shrouded man is climbing up ahead

The man with no face is awaiting me up the stairs
Beckoning me with each step
The man with no face he is waiting to welcome me
I'll follow his lead up the stairs

Painfully he soon discovers, the stairs were on the move
Elevation, the realisation that he didn't need to climb
The top is reached nothing is seen but a rusty old red gate
(mum's gate?)

What can this be doing here? Can anybody tell me?!

- Confusion -

"Here, atop an impossible tower, in an impossible world, Jason encounters an exact replica of his first home's rear yard gate. Recognising it as a sign of home, he knows he must enter."

The man with no face is awaiting me up the stairs
Beckoning me with each step
The gate '57' a sign, a reminder
I must follow its lead to the end...
Track Name: Entombed
"Jason finds himself within a damp, stony room. Seconds later, the walls begin to close in. Fearing the end, the ceiling above cracks open as a slither of light penetrates."

The door it creaks and slides wide open
He steps on into the dark
There's nothing there but a slither of light
And some curiously brick laid walls
Stony brown and green with moss they're slimy to the touch
Entombed from every side the walls are closing in

Above he sees the light it's falling down on him
And a silhouette is looking down, he cannot see its intent
But its thoughts project a beam of haze, it's coming to his aid
Intently eager Jason waits for the intervening grace

Silently he begins to rise, leaving fear behind in shreds...

- Ascension -

"The shrouded man pulls Jason out of the darkness and into the light."

Blind to self and reason
Blind to faith and hope
The world beneath him shattered
The fear has left and gone

Anonymous Voice
Come with me
Step inside

The light it enraptures and cradles his matter
The beam it embodies it all
No longer aware of the doubt and the danger
The life he knew has gone

His thoughts are exposed
The light around him fades
The truth will soon be revealed
As the journey it draws to close

- Landing -

"Face to face now, Jason awaits the ultimate revelation."

Brought to land he's face to face
With a mountain high upon a snowy plain
The world he knew it fades away
As a figure emerges, with a hidden face

The Shrouded Man
I'm a traveller searching for elusive truths
But my search it is over now that I've found you

And now he's bowing slowly, he removes the hat
And now his face is clear, and Jason stands aghast

The Shrouded Man
Come with me
Stay here forever

Track Name: Crescendo
- Instrumental -
Track Name: The Box?
- Philosophical debate -

It's like the world you used to know
When mother earth she opened your eyes
Some things have changed and some things remain the same

And all too often our children die
We lose that infant feeling
We never say goodbye

Until the desire it returns to explore
Childhood again

- The Box? -


What is it?

It's yours...



For Jason...

Not to be opened until Christmas!

- Fadeout -