"Worcac has transformed into an endless, familiar street. Trusting in fate, he begins to explore it."

Jason leaves the wooden shack
And steps onto the road
The western town has rearranged its features
It has changed

A seamless, endless street of houses
Terraced buildings, all so similar

He walks along
As the houses change, their faces clearer
He walks along
And they resemble something so familiar

Passing chimneys in the dark
As the windows propagate
And as the morphing slowly terminates
There stands an ageing, darkened home

He can't believe it
As the street it turns into a cul-de-sac and he sees
The house that he grew up in long ago

- The change -

"Jason's world is reduced to a small terraced house and a cobbled yard. The wall of mist now completely surrounds both himself and the house, illuminated by a single street lamp."

Young Jason
I can hear my mother's music box
It's coming from her bedroom window
Mother, are you there?

He wanders through the yard
And opens up the door
The fragrance is so strange
The same as it had always been
The way his mother had kept it clean

He starts to climb the stairs
He's eager to revisit his bedroom
And after such a tiring day
He couldn't think of a better place to stay
A better place to be

Nothing could've of prepared me for this feeling
To be home again after all these years
And I can't believe who's lying on my bed
Brian the Bear, who once was my best friend

He climbs into his bed
Exhausted and confused
He wants to sleep instead
Of living out this fantasy
In this world that's not his own
Brian is close at hand
The comfort of his childhood pleases
He always loved his bed

I just wish mum and dad were here

On the verge of sleeping
Pillow under his head
Maybe he'll awaken somewhere else

- Sleep -

Silent Verse
Time for sleep dear friend of mine
I'll see you in the morning
Your silent deeds don't go un-noticed
I'll forfeit their worth
For now I'll dream a little dream
...until the morning

Somewhere it is written
That only a fool
Would try to sleep his madness off in a world of dreams
But who's really right?
And who is wrong?


from The Box (Remastered), released July 5, 2011
Written, recorded & produced by Ian Gordon



all rights reserved


Ian Gordon Manchester, UK

The works of Ian Gordon: musician, writer and amateur filmmaker.

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