from by Ian Gordon



Neil Gordon - Guest keyboard solo at 4:00 -


"A brief encounter with a lumpy and indistinguishable figure provides Jason with much needed impetus. He soon finds himself standing before the doors of the Citadel."

The streets are growing darker
As a voice is faintly heard
The scent of something lurking
Brings Jason to a halt
The need to step into the darkness
It is growing, it's overwhelming
As he tries to keep to the light
He submits to fright

A limb so much darker than darkness
Emerges from the shadows
It attempts to pull him inside
But he escapes
Ignorant of the dangers
He turns and starts to run
Heading toward the glow of the Citadel
Mist it follows...

- The Citadel -

"The Citadel is dark and unwelcoming, but onward he strides. Climbing high into darkness, voices and shapes from his past taunt him in an attempt to bring him down."

The doors unfurl to candles bright
Where shapes unfold beyond the light
The hall it leads to something strange
A wall of vines, a chore to face

He grips his torch and lights it bright
The shapes surrounding try to hide
As slowly his ascent begins
The dark around him closing in

The roots above are tough to climb
As Jason grips the torch
From every angle things are moving in...

The Shapeless Limbs of the Beings
Remember me?
You bastard!

"Escaping history, he finds himself in the throne room, face to face with the Eternal City's last king."

Escaping the limbs of uncertainty
Jason emerges intact
A hall before him leads unto a throne
A figure draped in gold
Crown upon his head
The king bestows his reverence
Long time dead

Lifting the crown, an object it meets his eye
A simple box captivates, fills him full of desire

- The Box? -

"The indistinct box hypnotises Jason for several moments, before the presence of a lurking figure steals his attention. He pursues the shrouded man at speed before leaping blindly into darkness. Letting out a devilish scream, the wall of mist moves in swiftly to consume him."

A figure behind him steals his thought
The box it fades - he turns to run
The figure it leaps deep into dark
Beyond the hall and vines below

The time has come to run
As the walls begin to collapse
Into the void he flies
And into mist he disappears

The mist consumes
A saving grace
His wounds are gone
His life is saved
Returned to where the dwarfs they sleep
He's safe and sound
He's fast asleep

- Safety -

"Opening his eyes, he is pleasantly surprised to find himself back in the village of Tenitor. Pleased with Jason's success, Brian discusses the shrouded man further."

Brian is eager to see
If Jason reclaimed the crown
He talks of his dangerous journey
And his exit so profound

The shrouded man came for the Box
But his search will go on for a while
For his prize it is yet to be found
And that prize, well it is you...


from The Box (Remastered), released July 5, 2011
Written, recorded & produced by Ian Gordon



all rights reserved


Ian Gordon Manchester, UK

The works of Ian Gordon: musician, writer and amateur filmmaker.

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