Beneath The Surface

from by Ian Gordon



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Track 5 from 'Terminally Brave'

Hybrids attack, forcing men, women and children underground. Starr locates an entrance to the caves and relocates the rebels.


- The caves -

Caves are lit with burning candles
Where open spaces host the stalls
The people here beneath the surface
Are starting over once again

Children cling to their possessions
Writers scribe upon the walls
The men and women here surviving
The life they knew it carries on

Yes, yes life is possible
Yes, yes life is possible
No, they will not keep us down
No, they will not keep us down

- Men in Sharp Suits arrive -

Sounds shake the tunnels
Strangers arriving

Men in Sharp Suits
Now – you pay attention or you die
You cannot stop us

Strangers take children
Strangers leaving

Men in Sharp Suits
Now – this is the price you have to pay
You cannot stop us

- Men in Sharp Suits leave -


from Terminally Brave, track released October 17, 2011
Written, recorded and produced by Ian Gordon



all rights reserved


Ian Gordon Manchester, UK

The works of Ian Gordon: musician, writer and amateur filmmaker.

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