Cascade Scenario

from by Ian Gordon



"The harbour beyond The Theatre is small and quiet. As Jason approaches the waterside, a wall of mist manifests to his rear. It is to follow him for some time."

A seventh boat just the left the waterside
And Jason is contemplating sailing
The sea is still and mist it creeps behind
The seventh has travelled far into the fog
Soon enough he boards the farthest boat
His revelation on the ocean?
What could be waiting in depths of night?
He steers into darkness on the crest of a wave

Water is still
Calm as he sails
Fog damply clings
To everything

The silence of the ocean
Offers time to think
Reflecting on the hours before
His life it seems is at stake

Slowly the waves they start to rise in height
The fog in its thickness tries its best to disguise
The changes occurring under mighty seas
The ocean is tilting, it is no longer flat

Shifting angles
Flowing water
The sea behind him
It's slowly inclining
Encroaching upon him
The boat is sliding
Out of control
Into the deep dark depths

The ship is sliding faster and faster like a sledge down a muddy hill
What a time to recall his childhood, comparing fear to a quick cheap thrill
The vertical limit is so close, where the slide it turns to a fall
And the memories of a thousand years come knocking, knocking at your door

- A Thousand Years -

"Jason recalls forgotten memories. As a result he begins to understand cause and effect, and how pessimism is often just optimism in disguise."

Regressed beyond his life unto a life he lived before
Upon a watery ocean floating far away from shore
The raft is sticks and stones
Embedded, a bathroom door
(my bathroom door?)

Maybe if I turn the handle I will meet my maker

Opening the door he stares into what seems to be
A window in the doorway and a sky it lies beneath

In I climb to see

- Between realities -

"Reality is in the eye on the beholder."

A mirror image of the ocean
I was sailing on this morning
This relates to something I am meant to understand

I believe that this is meant to help me on my way
The coin I flip will always land heads up for me today

A mirror image of the ocean
I was sailing on this morning
This relates to something I am meant to understand

Soon the sky above it falls
He's quickly whisked away
Returning to the silent waters
Bobbing in the waves

- Docked -

Strangely the boat rocks comfortably
The seventh boat docked up ahead
Its passenger has gone
Jason turns his head to see
A vertical wall of water
As tall as the eye can see


from The Box (Remastered), released July 5, 2011
Written, recorded & produced by Ian Gordon



all rights reserved


Ian Gordon Manchester, UK

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