Dark Secrets

from by Ian Gordon



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Track 6 from 'Terminally Brave'

Rumours begin to circulate amongst the underground societies. Have the children been taken to satisfy the needs of extra-terrestrial visitors? Have these ancient travellers been with us all along, passing themselves off as human? Starr chooses to revolt and forms an underground army.


Long ago, when the world had just begun
An ancient people came to us
Claimed to be, part of our history
They promised change, they promised good

Then, they took control of us
Those ancient people led us on
We turned against, our fellow countrymen
They stole our lives
They stole our hope

Now, it’s time to turn it round
We must revolt we must escape the underground
No longer will we stay here

Now, it’s time to turn it round
We’ll learn to fight
We’ll take the bastards by surprise
We’ll start today

The work begins at once
The men recall their strengths
They’ll learn to fight for love
They’ll fight until the end

- Ascent -

Light shines down on the army small
Light shines down as they rise at dawn
But strange this world, there’s nobody here
Empty place, only the sound of rain


from Terminally Brave, track released October 17, 2011
Written, recorded and produced by Ian Gordon



all rights reserved


Ian Gordon Manchester, UK

The works of Ian Gordon: musician, writer and amateur filmmaker.

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