from by Ian Gordon



Somewhere it is written
That only a fool
Would try to explore a world beyond reality
A fool would be wise
To miss its highs

- Gestures -

"Jason hikes into dense woodland. Before long he encounters a band of dwarves, the head of which, Brian, is eager to converse with him."

Leaving the dock
Only woodland can be seen
A winding pathway from the dock into the trees it leads
A fool would be wise
To step inside

And seconds before, Jason saw someone
Who quickly crept into the trees and was gone
Now he is to assume that he must follow
Into those woods

The night has fallen on the withered trees
The moon is shining through the space between
A presence warming is apparent here
All is silent there's no need to fear

Darkness gathers
Light unseen
Distant figures
Shapeless trees

A flame it flickers in the distant breeze
A figure wanders through the glare unseen
A man of wisdom pursuing Jason takes him by the hand
Off the beaten track he is to lead

Come with me
You'll want to see
All the things we need to show you
You need to understand
Come with me and join my people
Sit beside the fire

Jason follows guided wisdom
Seeking answers

Questions lie unanswered in this place

The trees give way to what appears to be
A clearing host to figures, smoke and steam
A wiser looking dwarf approaches, Brian is his name

Finally it seems you have arrived

Fearful is this place you've found
But soon you'll see you're homeward bound

Listen here
I need to tell you
A man he came before
Here to seek something uncertain
A shadow cloaks his face

Leave this clearing
The house of solutions is near

He's selling all the things in the world
Solutions to your problems are there

The trees before him lead onto a trail
A quiet town is waiting up ahead

- Visiting Worcac -

"Jason follows the trail into Worcac, a small 'western' town. The 'fronts' of the houses are façades, propped up against wooden beams. The ambiguous nature of the town is discouraging, and it fills him with unease. Before long he encounters the 'House of Solutions', where he meets the life-form, Germeny, who says Jason must leave everything to fate."

Brushing leaves aside now Jason strolls into the light
The dusty streets are artificial, truth within it hides
Between the fakes a wooden building, host to jaundice haze
The door before him swinging lightly, empty is this place

The light within it shines from eyes so bright and fiercely strange
The man he speaks of things long gone from another time and place

Signs of home you are to seek don't stray from what you know
Leave the rest to fate until your sense of wisdom grows

His eyes they close and darkness it befriends him once again
Jason turns to leave, his words they echo in his head
Signs of home await him in this enigmatic place

Why must I leave everything to fate?


from The Box (Remastered), released July 5, 2011
Written, recorded & produced by Ian Gordon



all rights reserved


Ian Gordon Manchester, UK

The works of Ian Gordon: musician, writer and amateur filmmaker.

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