The Child

from by Ian Gordon



"Waking from an undetermined period of sleep, Jason finds himself face to face with a younger version of himself. His younger self has grown fearful of a shadowy figure occupying the depths of a painting hanging in the library."

His dreams they were eventful
But didn't seem to offer much
Awakening to the sound of a young boy
Tapping him on the shoulder

You are me... Are you me?

Young Jason
Yes I am, I am you

In the library many years ago
A painting hung above the fireplace
His father would make the world look bigger
In the landscapes he would paint

Young Jason
And now it's changed above the fireplace
It's come alive and you must see
Within the trees there stands a man
In darkness he's concealed

He climbed into the frame and became a part of the scenery
Now he waits and watches me
You really have to see

And he remembers how his father painted the picture long ago
And the man in the frame had he always been there?
Standing on his own

Wish me luck I shall try to climb inside
In the heart of this picture I'll reside

"Jason climbs into the open painting."

- Passages -


from The Box (Remastered), released July 5, 2011
Written, recorded & produced by Ian Gordon



all rights reserved


Ian Gordon Manchester, UK

The works of Ian Gordon: musician, writer and amateur filmmaker.

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